Wednesday, March 31, 2010

To My 2012 Readers (if you're out there...)

Hello Future Reader,
Since usually no one is around to see the first posting of a blog, I’ll write my introduction for the few curious future readers who might read old articles all the way back to the beginning, as I do when I find a blogger I like. So again, Hi reader from 2012! I’m the guy who’s articles you’ve been reading so intently. I really hope you exist, and that this isn’t all just an exercise in futility and hubris.

A quick bit about me and this blog. I’m doing this because people tell me I’m a good writer (you be the judge), and I find myself writing long geeky rants to less geeky friends, pouring time into mini essays that usually just solicit a “interesting, never thought of that”. I’m also doing this because my wife has started a blog about the whole process of buying our first house, fixing it up, and reluctantly racing towards being real grown ups, and the last time we parallel blogged it was a lot of fun.

What to expect from this blog? Presumably you’re from the future, so you tell me what I’ve been writing about! The things I care about most and find most interesting are:
-My dog, but you don’t care about him so aside from an occasional picture he won’t be on here (not much of a writer either, so don’t expect a guest article out of him)

-My wife, and you don’t care about her either, but she’s quite the smart cookie so her ideas and opinions will probably be mentioned on here a lot.

-MMORPGs are my addiction of choice, but I’m a recovering junkie who has been sober for over a year (aside from the occasional weekend relapse). That doesn’t mean they aren’t constantly on my mind though, and MMO design is both my favorite topic to read about and my eventual life goal. Prepare to hear a lot of thoughts on MMO design.

-Lost is the greatest show on television, ever, and I will fight you if you disagree. But first I’ll have you watch the first four episodes, because if you disagree you obviously haven’t actually seen the show. See I’m already starting to fawn over it and that isn’t the purpose of this entry, so suffice it to say that you’ll read a lot of Lost thoughts here, at least for the next two months until the finale.

-Trading Card Games have always been one of my favorite hobbies, though yet again I have gone cold turkey on them for a long time. I’m switching from junkie to dealer on this one though, because I’ve actually developed my own tactical TCG that I’ve assembled a business team to bring to market. I’ll try to minimize the shameless plugs, but there will definitely be the occasional entry on TCGs.

Why read my blog?
Because I’m a great writer with a style not at all laden with clichés and sarcasm? Doubtful
Because I have interesting ideas that you may have never thought of? We'll see...
Because you’re really bored at work at Tobold hasn’t posted anything new today? Maybe?
Because if you’re anything like me, your voracious hunger for articles on the geeky things you care about drives you to read anything half well written on the subject, and I qualify as at least half well written.


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